ER’s Bio

Euan practiced as a pharmacist in the UK and Australia from community to hospital, from Abergavenny to Alice Springs, from inner city drug addiction clinics to outback TB clinics, before a career in drug development. After receiving a PhD in gene therapy from Cardiff University, Euan took 18 months and a backpacking trip through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America to get to his postdoc at the BC Cancer Agency where he co-invented and co-developed a novel nanomedicine formulation for the treatment of colorectal cancer, Irinophore C™, which is entering clinical trials in 2011.

After a hiatus as a Visiting Scientist at the University of Tasmania, where he tagged tasmanian devils as part of the fight against the contagious and fatal devil facial tumour disease (DFTD), Euan returned to Vancouver to join the Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD), an independent, non-profit drug discovery and development platform designed to bridge the gap between academic innovation and the development of new medicines to treat disease, where as a member of the Business Development Team he lead a program that successfully raised over $35M in grant funding from government and foundations to support drug development projects.

Euan is a co-founder of Precision NanoSystems, a start-up focused on developing research instruments and reagents for the synthesis of bioactive nanoparticles. He is also the founder of Funducopia Inc., a platform to seek funding to transform novel ideas in the life sciences into new companies, and ScienceSolvers, a crowdsourcing web portal designed to solve bottleneck problems in scientific research.

Euan is interested in new ideas and models to fund, develop and ultimately commercialize academic innovations in the health and life sciences for the benefit of patients and their families.

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