R. James Taylor

I am an avid technologist with a sharp focus on biotechnology, entrepreneurship and finance.

Currently I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Precision NanoSystems, an innovative startup at the convergence of nano-, micro-, and bio-technology.

I completed a Ph.D. in Genetics at the Institute for Systems Biology and an Engineering Physics degree at the University of British Columbia.  My Ph.D. research was highly multi-disciplinary, where I focused on the development of computation and experimental platforms for conducting systems biology analysis of cellular systems. Concurrent with my Ph.D., I was a venture capital fellow at the exciting and successful early-stage VC firm, the Accelerator Corp.

Following my Ph.D. I spent a year and a half working at the very interesting commercialization accelerator in Vancouver, the Centre for Drug Research and Development, where I lead the development of technologies that impact the emerging field of personalized medicine.  This effort is ongoing and continuing to gain momentum.

Like all good multi-disciplinarists, I have lead or been involved in an array of projects spanning many different technologies including: proteomic diagnostics, microassay instrumentation, molecular biology, nanoparticle drug delivery systems, systems genetics, semantic-web systems, crowd-sourcing platforms, optical integrated chips, wireless hardware, and others.

I also lead the creation an open-source market research resource, the BioVenturist with a good friend of mine, Ben Good.  Check out the site, it’s a little underdeveloped but pretty cool.

  • Milenko

    Hey James, I just randomly ran across your blog — some great stuff on here! I especially liked the Steve Jurvetson talk. Keep up the interesting posts!

  • Mawethu Bilibana

    Hey Jame! Your blog its very interesting. You have inspired to exploits more on my bio adventures thanx a lot.

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